Earning Our Street Cred

“If I could build my own design and print operation from scratch, I’d construct DLS Group. If I need a small project turned around quickly, The Group finds a way to get it done. If I’m producing a magazine on a back-breaking schedule, they are my support team.”

Dick Anderson, Publications Editor, Occidental College

Firefox needed a new, innovative way to engage with users interested in surfing and action sports ... in Brazil. We put together a strategy around the Vans Triple Crown and helped them turn it into one of their most successful consumer marketing events of the year.

OC Memorial Hospital needed a tag that would resonate with their audience and generate continued interest for their Center for Obesity. We gave them (and their patients) the perfect message: “Lose Weight, Gain Hope”.

Our competition quoted three weeks to produce three versions of an 8,400-copy, 20-page reunion brochure, printed and mailed out. We quoted one week and were awarded the job. Oh, and we delivered it a day early.

The St. Francis wanted more than a standard room service menu. They asked for something that guests would repeatedly pick up and flip through, increasing their in-room spend. What we designed and delivered was a piece that was so effective it started disappearing from rooms.

Core Power was in town for one of their biggest conventions of the year. Unfortunately, some of their signage didn’t make the trip. We worked through the night and had everything they needed delivered to them by the following morning.

Currie Enterprises needed 3,500 catalogs to handout for potential customers for a slew of shows back East. We took the concept, printed it, and shipped it in five days.